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Author Glen Dueck

Can you  imagine what it was like for people who lived during the first century. On one hand, they had the opportunity to meet Jesus face to face. On another hand, they lived in fear of the Roman rulers.

News Corner

A new baby arrived June 15th. His name is Bromley Reign and his proud parents are Brian and Holly Dueck.

They’re the ones just to the right of us, in the picture below

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Also, a new baby will be arriving in November to Curtis and Andrea (their second). They’re the ones on the far left.

The Glen and Pauline Dueck Family

About the Author:

Glen Dueck is a husband, father of four children, and a grandfather of thirteen. He loves camping, fishing, photography, music, and football. He and his wife Pauline reside in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada, where he will soon be retiring from being the pastor of the Medicine Hat Church of God, where he has served for 11½ years.

JOANNA is Glen’s first published novel, but you’ll want to keep in touch as he is already working on other Biblical novels.

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My Hope in Writing a Biblical Novel...

   Stories of hope and faith often help us see a way through the problems of life. While I hope this novel is entertaining, there is definitely a faith aspect to it. Joanna is a close friend of Mary Magdalene, who is plagued by evil spirits. You might imagine the problems Joanna faces trying to be her friend.

   Sometimes people get into problems beyond their own making, and can’t seem to find a way out. Joanna finds out that problems, whether of her own making or not, don’t have to end up in disaster. Faith in God really does make a difference, and it can be surprising what good things happen, especially when your faith is put to the test.

While a novel is just a story, JOANNA is linked to the real Scriptural accounts in many fascinating ways, and will bring real faith and hope.

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