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Glen Dueck lives in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. He pastors the Church of God in that city. Click arrow for more information...

About Galilee

Check out some photos of the Canadian prairies, very much like the Galilean country hills, where JOANNA is set.

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The book is written well, in a concise and readable manner.

The tone and writing style matches the historical intent

of the book.  

Dawn Danka,

Friesen Press



Her sense of dignity and comfortable living would be shaken like she could never have imagined...

Joanna, the Biblical wife of Chuza, Herod's steward, has access to much wealth. She can buy the best of clothing and look her best at the palace. But underneath it all, Joanna hides a secret.

Through her best friend, Mary of Magdala, she encounters two men who are enemies of the Roman Empire. At first it's all fun and parties with Mary. Then, Mary starts joining the crowds of Jesus followers along the Sea of Galilee. Mary has a dynamic change of lifestyle, which Joanna rejects. Meanwhile, Joanna is threatened by the Parthian men, and must decide whether to support the Parthian invasion, or her husband, who works for the tyrant Herod.

For Joanna, it's a hard road back to being a loyal wife and citizen. In the midst of all the chaos, will Joanna find a way to bring peace to both her heart and nation?

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